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Do you have an Alpha Software Desktop Application?

Need a new Windows Desktop application?  

Our Freelancers will provide Free estimates, Skype and other Support, World Wide coverage, Cost Effective rates.

For the support and building of desktop applications built using the following versions of the
Rapid Application toolkit from the Alpha Software Corporation.
Versions A3 through A5V12/AA,  V3 - V4 would need to be taken to V5 in most cases.  A5 V1- A5V9 will usually need to be moved up for later windows operation. 


There is no reason to spend the money to buy alpha v12(AA) and then spend countless hours building or updating your application to be able to use windows7 or windows10.  Let a Freelance make your life less hard and probably less expensive.
V9      Version 9 was a major change to the RAD toolkit. We have Run Time development facilities for this version. No longer supported by Alpha.
V10.5  Version 10 went through an extended time of development which ended up with V10.5. Most have the Run Time for this. No longer supported by Alpha.
V11     Version 11 is the last version of the old style Alpha Software. The latest version had a name change "Alpha Anywhere". Partially supported by Alpha.
AA      We are also able to support Alpha Anywhere  Desk Top applications remotely using Team Viewer or other Remote Data Connection. Fully supported by Alpha.

 We can also convert earlier versions of Alpha.

If you have some software which you used and liked written in a previous DOS version of Alpha and still have the basic data and tables,we can do something for you to get it running again using the Run Time versions of v9, 10.5, 11 and 12(AA). This means that you don't need to buy the latest version of Alpha Software.  Your Freelancer could provide you with a runtime install to run your “new” application.We will provide all that is necessary under the Alpha Licensing agreement for these versions for you to run your application.

Alpha Strictly Desktop  
We convert applications built using the following versions of the
Rapid Application toolkit from the Alpha Software Corporation.

Alpha Four version 3 and Alpha Four version 4

These are the versions which ran or still run under the DOS operating system, and people are still using them.
At this time, the Alpha versions are unsupported by Alpha and the DOS operating system is not supported by Microsoft either .

So what are the options?

A popular misconception is that you will need to purchase a version of Alpha Software which works with a more modern operating system.
Not necessarily true.
The same amount of work will be required to convert either of the Alpha Four versions mentioned above, and the down side is that you will  also have to factor in the considerable cost of the basic Alpha Anywhere tool kit.
If you are only interested in Desk Top and your particular application, there is a more cost effective way of upgrading to a more modern operating system.
It is known as Run Time.

How does Run Time work?

Starting with the unpalatable truth that only your data can be migrated from A4, it is better to work with someone who has experience of all versions of Alpha Software in order to speed up the conversion of the data, and the presentation of a set of screens which replicate - and often enhance - the original application. Given the data format - we are able to keep your data most secure - and screen shots followed by a short discussion,
we will replicate the original application functionality.
The Run Time bit is where we download a fully working application to a computer or Windows Server of your choice which has the added benefit of many people being able to access and use the application as opposed to a single user.
We are licensed to use and deploy Alpha Software Run Time software. 

So, single user to multi user, minimal cost, and free estimates of the work involved.

Some FREE tools you may find helpful depending on your chosen freelancer?  Skype, a good email address, Jing, Filezilla.

Please Comment if this looks good to you?

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Friday, 23 February 2018
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