How Freelancer Websites Work

How Freelancer Sites Work
For the Freelancer, sites work in a lot of ways

  1. Most will require a membership where they verify the email or more.
  2. Most do not require a fee up front for work.
  3. Most will Take from 5% to 15% of the price charged to the client
  4. Most will offer top billing on the bidding process for a fee.
  5. Most offer the freelancer premium status for a fee per month. 
  1. You bid on a client project in a closed system and whoever is lowest usually gets it
  2. Your money(even if paid in advance) is held until the job is done
  3. You generally cannot show examples of your work in the bid process
  4. They send emails of new ads/submissions if they think you are interested
  5. If you bid on 20 submissions, you may get one
  6. You can spend hours to decide to bid on 5 projects that you never get

For the client, sites do it a bit different

  1. They require you to have a log in
  2. They allow you to submit a request for work
  3. They offer you a boost of your advertisement for a fee($5.00 - $27.50
  4. They allow you to pick and choose from freelancers only after they bid on your project

  5. You do not normally get to meet the Freelancers in advance

  6. Once you choose a Freelancer, you can talk to them only through the site.
  7. You usually have the chance to drop the freelancer

How is different for Freelancers?

  1. Freelancers join for a small fee.
  2. They are allowed to advertise each area of their business for free with their own ad(s) They can post as meny ads as they want to attract clients.
  3. They never pay Application Allstars a fee for work they get from the web site
  4. They are only asked to treat the clients fairly and complete the work

How are Clients treated differently at

  1. They don’t over pay for work because of the 5% to 15%  fees others charge.
  2. They get to meet each and every Freelancer we have as they wish
  3. They can ask questions before making a choice and meeting is simply responding to the freelancer
  4. They are not asked for  money for anything from Application Allstars

How does Free-lancers2 make out on this?

  1. We make a dollar or 2 on an ad placed by the Freelancer if they choose to pay for extras like Bold, placed first or other
  2. We make a dollar or 2 on an ad/submission placed by a client if they choose Bold, Boxed or other
  3. It is totally a volume thing. If enough people come, it works just fine
  4. We all have our own separate incomes where we do not rely on this alone
  5. We get a lot of satisfaction from seeing everybody happy and maybe enough to pay for the site
  6. Many only glance once a day and send an email to a client where they have the expertise
  7. Many get emails from clients that saw their profile and their ad at Application Allstars
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