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There are very few Terms and Conditions here!

No Nudity.
No Profanity.
No abuse of others.
Do not circumvent the system.
Post in the proper Places.
Joining is free but if you don't pst your info after a few days, you will be deleted.


There is very little. All sites are an open book no matter what they say or think.
If you put an ad in the newspaper, you put in a phone or email which is open to search
WE do not sell lists to anybody, but people can scan your name and email
just like any other public sight.
We do make use of IP addresses.  Please keep it clean so we can too.
We also make use of cookies, but we do NOT collect data from them.  Cookies
are strictly for a visitors benefit.


We don't sell your Services/products or make decisions about what you do with your
money, so there is nothing to refund to anybody.  If you buy from, do work for or sell to another
person, it is your business and not ours.

Misleading Entries!

They will be taken down with too many complaints. NO REFUNDS!

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